Hospitality Team

NWFF has a hospitality team that consists of our… 

Coffee Team: This team makes sure there is coffee and water ready for everyone at our weekend gatherings. 

Greeter Team: They make sure everyone is greeted with a smiling face and handed a bulletin.

Parking Team: This team keeps an eye on the parking lot to see if they can be of any help as people arrive. 

Meal Team: They help provide meals to the church family at our weekly Wednesday meal and other times of need.

Meet Stan & DelAnn

DelAnn joined our staff in 2005 to assist in our office and is now the Administrative Assistant. Stan joined in 2009 to maintain our building and grounds. Stan is from California and has lived in Montana for over 30 years. DelAnn is a transplant from Houston, TX and moved to Montana right after marrying Stan in 2004. They love to adventure all around the state and the US as the visit their children and grandchildren.